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Advanced Biological Waste-To-Energy Technologies International Doctorate

TASK 1. Fermentation and anaerobic digestion of solid waste (Lead Beneficiary UNICLAM)
Early Stage Researcher Project title Main Beneficiary Enrolment date
ESR1 Vicente Pastor Poquet High-solids Fermentation and/or Anaerobic Digestion of Solid Wastes UNICLAM October 1st, 2015
ESR2 Gilbert Dreschke Simultaneous Hydrogen and lactic acid production in a Thermotoga neapolitana biofilm system UNICLAM October 1st, 2015
ESR3 Bikash Chandra Maharaj Mathematical modelling and optimization based control of trace element dosing in anaerobic digestion of solid waste UNICLAM November 2nd, 2015
TASK 2. Dark fermentation and anaerobic digestion of wastewaters (Lead Beneficiary TUT)
ESR4 Anastasiia Kostrytsia Microbial competition control in high rate anaerobic reactors fed with industrial wastewaters UNICLAM October 1st, 2015
ESR5 Suniti Singh Low temperature anaerobic digestion of industrial wastewater TUT October 1st, 2015
ESR6 Paolo Dessì Comparative and sequential production of biohydrogen and bioelectricity from industrial wastewater TUT June 1st, 2015
ESR7 Onyinye Jeneth Okonkwo Developing Microbial Monitoring Methods for Anaerobic Biological Processes TUT October 1st, 2015
TASK 3. Valorization of liquid and solid digestates (Lead Beneficiary UPE)
ESR8 Ran Tao Use of effluents of anaerobic digestion and microbial fuel cells as nutrient sources for microalgal biomass production TUT October 1st, 2015
ESR9 Andreina Laera Fate of trace metals in soils after land application of digestate UPE December 1st, 2015
ESR10 Suchanya Wongrod Biochar for carbon sequestration and soil remediation UPE June 1st, 2015
ESR11 Anna Gielnik Digestate valorization for remediation of hydrocarbons contaminated soils UPE November 1st, 2015
TASK 4. Biofuel clean-up (Lead Beneficiary UNESCO-IHE)
ESR12 Ramita Khanongnuch H2S removal from biogas using novel bioreactor configurations TUT December 1st, 2015
ESR13 Nilesh Badgujar Biosequestration of CO2 in algal photo-bioreactors UNICLAM January 1st, 2016
ESR14 Tejaswini Gowda Madapura Eregowda Anaerobic bioconversion of methane to Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFA) employing methanotrophic bacterial consortium rich sediment using biotrickling filter and sediment fuel cell UNESCO-IHE November 1st, 2015
ESR15 Samayita Chakraborty Bioconversion of CO and CO2 into biofuels and electricity UNESCO-IHE November 1st, 2015